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Behind the Scenes with The Dearhearts | 1

Hello! Welcome!

If you're reading this it's because you have generously chosen to become a contributor to The Dearheart's Indigogo campaign, raising money to record our second album. We are so grateful to you. We make music because we love it, but we know that we wouldn't be able to do half as many things if not for your tireless support, both personally and financially. Thank you.

As a contributor, you will receive insider's access to our lives until the recording process is complete. That will include behind the scenes photos and video footage of the pre-production and recording process, sneak peaks of what we're up to, and notes and thoughts from us as we dive into this new adventure. We will be collaborating with a whole host of talented artists, both musically and creatively to create the best final product we can, and your support allows us to compensate them for their time and talents. The ultimate goal as an artist is to be able to support yourself with your art, and your generosity helps us to do this. 

This past weekend was full of pre-production fun for us. From meetings with our producer, solidifying our album setlist, to house concerts to get the songs on their feet, to a self-produced showcase concert to play through the album and introduce you to some of our our incredible session players, to shooting a music video. This weekend left us feeling both inspired and exhausted. 

We can't wait to share more behind the scenes fun for you throughout the next month. Stay tuned!

The Dearhearts