The Dearhearts

Sweet, sassy, and simply delightful

Who we are


Though they didn't know it at first, it was destiny for Alixandra Cowman and Lauren Hamm to make music together. Meeting in Rosebud, Alberta almost a decade ago, the girls would find themselves singing in various groups, until, one fateful evening, over wine and potato chips, the women decided to join forces. For the past 3 years, they have been touring across North America as the bluegrass-infused folk band known as "The Dearhearts".

The Dearhearts' sound is a unique blend of folk, jazz, and bluegrass styles, ,inspired by legends like The Carter Family and Emmylou Harris, and current artists like Sarah Jane Scouten, Allison Krauss, and Nickel Creek. They've performed at events and festivals across the country (Canadian Music Week, The Extreme Tour, 15 Minutes of Fame Music Festival), and have had two successful runs in the annual CBC Searchlight competition, reaching the final rounds both times. Their highly anticipated second album, "Enough To Go Around", will be released in late spring of 2018.

Lauren and Alixandra will entertain you with their lively stories, tug at your heartstrings with their soaring harmonies, and tickle your funny bones with their quick wit. The Dearhearts are sweet, sassy, and simply delightful.

Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin / Lauren Hamm
Vocals, Ukulele(s), Banjo / Alix Cowman